NatureHazIt is a concept that originated from many years of assisting and collaborating with humanity in a vast array of modalities and protocols.

The dream started with metaphysics and quickly grew to Auricular Acupuncture, with a natural flow to provide services like cupping combined with natural medications.

Early in the process, we here at NatureHazIt started compounding our own natural range of remedies as it became clear that clients could not afford the standard prescriptions anymore and were open to trying our natural healing processes. This was the birth of a beautiful range of products that is constantly growing and continuously supporting our clients as they deserve to be. Our products are made from natural herbs and plant matter and the oils we use are mostly from our own grown plants with the exception of the 100% essential oils used in some of our topical products. All products have been designed and compounded with you, our valued client, in mind.

In producing the natural remedies, our sister company “Plante Maak Saa” has a very sophisticated process of planting, harvesting and extracting the necessary oils, which make our products exceptional and provides top quality remedies.

Over the last 20 years, Andre Brink’s uncommon passion and care to heal his clients, is only superseded by his passion in ensuring his products do what it says on the label. His reputation as a natural healer, is internationally known.
As a qualified Minister of Metaphysics and Life Coach, addictive behavior specialist and Iridololgs. Andre assists in more than just the acupuncture. This makes for huge benefits to the clients he serves.
Andre studied at the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona and did his training through Acudetox here in South Africa. He is a registered and approved NADA Specialist and trainer in SA and USA whom practices from his rooms in Honeydew Gauteng.
Andre is known to help people with a variety of symptoms. He does combined healing methods with great success. There are others around the world that had great results with mental health issues as mentioned below.
Many people turn to the free addictive behaviour clinic because they are experiencing an extreme emotional state that often stems from trauma. This treatment is effective with trauma because it does not require people to reveal anything personal or painful emotions to a stranger. While it may be important for people to talk through traumatic events, there is unique benefit to the inward, collective nonverbal experience that can be provided at this clinic.

The other main reason for starting the clinic was to provide a resource for people trying to get off psychiatric drugs. There are few resources for people withdrawing from psychiatric drugs and the intensity of the withdrawal is rarely recognized by our culture. Most of the Freedom Centre’s founders have gotten off psychiatric drugs and feel that doing so has been a critical component to their overall recovery and well-being. Their collective experience is the driving force behind offering a safe space to others who make this choice. The Florida clinic has treated over 4000 people free of charge since November 2013. A new facility is in the making and will have family group session and open sharing days where everyone is welcome, this will take place on a weekly basis. The results are profound to say the least. Subsequently there are more clinics in SA.

Andre is a qualified Iridologist that adds to his resumé.

All our natureHazIt products are compounded by Andre personally. He takes big pride in formulating these remedies for the healing of the people who come to him for treatment.