Cancer Support Group

πŸ—“οΈOnce a month, Normaly on a Wednesday ⏰ 19:00 PM - 21:00 PM πŸ“ Hosted by Bonita Brink, Facilitated by Andre Brink Welcome to the Cancer Support Group! 🌈 Introduction: β€’ This is an a medical, a religious, and a political-neutral space. β€’ Facilitated by Andre Brink, hosted by Bonita Brink. Andre Brink's Background: β€’ Diagnosed three times with cancer since 2021. β€’ Left eye (twice) and stomach cancer. β€’ Eye condition recurred after surgery, successfully removed again in Feb 2023. β€’ Second eye condition hasn't recurred; no signs of growth. β€’ Stomach cancer in early stages, discovered in December 2023. β€’ Minister of metaphysic non-denominational. β€’ Qualified life coach and addictive behaviour specialist. β€’ Iridologist with a foundation in personal experience. β€’ Involved in this field since 2005. Support Section: β€’ What worked for you? β€’ What didn't work for you? Purpose: β€’ 🀝 Support: We are here to support one another. β€’ 🌿 Healing Naturally: Let's share and heal together on this natural journey. β€’ Sharing Circle: Each person has approximately five minutes to share their experiences from the past week. β€’ Respectful Listening: Participants refrain from interrupting; respect each person's time to share. β€’ Facilitator's Questions: After sharing, the facilitator will pose a question to the group. Participants respond in the same sequence. Venue: 🏑 52 The Highway Street, Florida Contact: πŸ“ž Andre Brink: 0725701710 Join us for an Evening of Empathy, Understanding, and Healing! Together, we navigate the journey of cancer with compassion and support.

  • Date: 08/03/2024 19:28
  • Location: 52 The Highway, Florida, Roodepoort, South Africa (Map)

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